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List Of 5 Best Paying Companies In Kenya 2017. Have A look!

List Of 5 Best Paying Companies In Kenya 2017. Have A look!

There are hundreds if not thousands of companies that operate in Kenya. Some started by Kenyan investors and others foreign. Here we have compiled a list of 5 best paying companies in Kenya 2017. Have a look.

Some of the Best Paying Companies in Kenya

We all want to work somewhere where we are always assured of handsome cheque at the end of the month. With the economic situation in Kenya and the inflation rates, it makes sense to want something extra in the bank.

For this sole reason you can try getting a slot at one of these best paying companies in Kenya.

1. Centum

The investments company has made significant growth under the leadership of the youngest CEO in Kenya James Mworia.

The company which almost collapsed at one time has risen to become among the best paying institutions in Kenya.

The starting salary of fresh graduates is 120- 150 K. Apart from salaries employees also have a tendency of taking home huge bonuses that can go up to 10 million.

2. Google

Who doesn’t want to work at Google?

I mean, it’s the dream. If you are fortunate to be among the lucky few to end up working for Google, just be assured that you could be getting something close to Ksh. 250,000.

3. British American Tobacco (BAT)

It is one of the companies that invest in the young of this nation through graduate trainee programmes.

Fresh graduates who enter the programme are paid somewhere between 80-120K.

4. General Motors

Another international company that does justice to the employees’ pockets. The company employs fresh graduates who are absorbed into the graduate trainee programme. These youngsters earn a monthly salary of 60-65K.

5. PricewaterCoopers (PwC)

This multinational audit company makes it to the list of the best paying companies in Kenya. The company with head quarters in Kenya also employs graduate trainee who earn a salary of around 70-85K.

They pick the crème del a crème of the society. The recruitment process for graduate trainees is very vigorous which involves a lot of online tests and interviews to pick out the best.

If you make it to join the PwC team of fresh graduates, just pat yourself at the back because many don’t make it past the first test. You just need an impressive CV for the graduate trainee job and a sharp mind.

Other multinational companies that pay well in Kenya

Many multinationals have made Kenya their home and coincidentally they happen to be among the best paying companies in Kenya. These include; Unilever, Delloitte, KPMG, Samsung, Coca-cola, Cisco, Airtel, Intel, Andela, Oracle among others.

If you are looking to earn a ridiculous amount of money in salary look no further. These best paying companies in Kenya will make all your dreams come true.

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