Malkia Strikers WhatsApp Group Admin Locks Out ‘Untamed’ Members

An administrator has left volleyball fans, officials and ex-players foaming at the mouth after throwing them out of a WhatsApp group.

The admin, identified as Isaac Tirop, is alleged to have taken the drastic action to tame those who often accuse the volleyball federation of mismanagement.

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Most of those locked out claim they were shown the door because of their honesty when it comes to questioning matters volleyball.

“It is through the group that we get to know what is happening in volleyball,” said an ex-member of the group.

The all-powerful admin allegedly took the decision to ‘tame’ the members, who have been firing unforgiving salvos either at each other or at the federation. The Nairobian has established that the WhatsApp group has more than 200 members.

The admin is said to have changed group settings, allowing only the moderators to post a message to the group. Members of the opposition were slowly reduced to spectators.

A former national volleyball team player who was also axed accused the admin led by Tirop of dictatorship and vowed to team up with other members to form a parallel group where people will not be intimidated.

“This is dictatorship and we must not accept it. We must tell those running the federation their weakness in some of these forums lest they lose their meaning,” he said.

Meanwhile, the national women’s volleyball team are already in Japan ahead of the 2018 FIVB World Champions that runs from September 29 to October 20.


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