Mandera Vows To Allocate Sh500mn In Pact With KEMRI For Disease Control

Ali roba

The County Government of Mandera has pledged to allocate Sh500 million in its 2018-2019 budget for research on disease control in partnership with Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI).

Speaking at the commissioning of KEMRI’s Centre for Disease Control on Tuesday, Governor Ali Roba said his administration was keen to utilize the centre in a bid to boost medical expertise in Mandera.

Roba encouraged county medical facilities to establish a close working relationship with the research institute in order to grow medical capabilities and position the county as a regional medical hub.

“This partnership with KEMRI will strengthen laboratory workforce development as part of the commitment to achieve Sustainable Development Goals for health through targeted training programmes,” he remarked.Ali roba

Roba said Mandera could only increase its competitiveness over other devolved units in the region if medical personnel acquired stronger skills grounded in scientific research.

“Strong clinical research environment will support our emphasis on an evidence-based approach to healthcare. As we strive to achieve universal healthcare for all, I have no doubt it will result in major cost savings must come from applying knowledge to improve and transform the practice of medicine,” said the county chief.

“Clinical research will help us grow our medical capabilities, stay ahead of our competitors, and position our status as a regional medical hub. Increasingly, our competitive edge in healthcare has to be based on better knowledge and stronger skills, grounded on scientific research,” he added.

Mandera donated a 100-acre piece of land to KEMRI in support for the establishment of the Centre for Disease Control.


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