MasterCard Foundation Launches Sh1bn Joint Jobs Deal For Youth


Non governmental organisation CAP Youth Empowerment Institute (Cap Yei) and the MasterCard Foundation have announced a Sh1 billion ($10.5 million) partnership to create jobs for the youth.

The five-year deal targets the economically disadvantaged young people to provide them with technical skills to access jobs or start businesses.

Mastercard is the financing partner while Cap Yei, the Kenyan affiliate of CAP Workforce Development Institute of India, is the trainer.

The programme will build on the success of Cap Yei Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST) model. The partnership will directly provide skills training to 23,000 Kenyan youth and help them to secure employment opportunities or further education and training.

“The BEST model has become an important solution for youth seeking employment as well as employers seeking skilled workers,” said Cap Yei executive director Ndung’u Kahihu.

The programme will reach an additional 39,000 youth through partnerships with 100 vocational training centres that will be supported to train across the country. From this number, 4,000 will be expected to establish or grow micro-enterprises.

“This new partnership will contribute to a sustainable solution for youth employment in Kenya, reaching tens of thousands of youth with the critical skills they need to enter the workforce or start a small business,” said Karen Moore, the programme manager of youth livelihoods at The MasterCard Foundation.

The first phase of the project was launched in 2011.


Source: Business Daily



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