This Matatu Driver Restored Hope In Humanity With This Good Deed (Photo)

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I won’t lie to you, matatu drivers together with the touts are those people that we think of in a bad light for one reason or the other.

Most would agree that they are very rude, obnoxious and some even thieves. But a recent story has restored a bit of hope in humanity when a lady called Julie left her phone in a matatu and never thought she would get it back.

She narrated her story on social media and said:

My yesterday did end very well. As I left Limuru around 7pm on board Likabu Sacco matatu I forgot my phone in the mat. As usual, panic mode when I alighted, having realised I had left my phone, I picked a boda boda to chase the mat, after like 3km I realised this was futile, asked my rider to take about turn. He wondered why I had given up, as he was all set for a chase. I told the rider its OK, thanked him and informed him I knew I would get it today. This kinda shocked the boda guy…..cheekily he says “ningependa kujua vile utaifuata” haha I told him I know God will make it possible to get it back.

Did God make it possible?

For starters, she didn’t go back for her phone on the same day and fortunately, she didn’t give up. She went back to the Kiambu town matatu town stage and as she tried describing the matatu, people started surrounding her. Then there was this guy who appeared, I imagine at that time he looked like he had wings. Eliud Njoroge who was the driver of the matatu she rode in gave her her phone back and said he had even charged it a bit for her. She said she stood there shell-shocked and in disbelief that just like that she had gotten her phone back even without trying too hard.

Here is the honest matatu driver Eliud Njoroge.




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