Matiang’i Criticizes Governor Sonko For Having 26 Bodyguards

Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i on Monday criticized Nairobi County boss Mike Sonko for having 26 bodyguards. Speaking during an event by IPOA where it was handing over its end of term report, Dr Matiang’i defended the move to reduce bodyguards attached to the governor stating that no politician deserves to be protected by 26 policemen.

Dr Matiang’i who described Sonko’s situation as ‘sheer madness’. “A country of our size can’t afford some of the things we do which are sheer madness. There is no county government official in the country who needs 26 police officers to guard them. Governor or whatever you don’t need 26 officers to guard you. We cant move a police station to your office,” he said.

Matiang’i urged politicians to support the radical changes that are being made by the police service in a plan which seeks to see the withdrawal of 5,000 officers “irregularly” attached to VIPs.

Governor Sonko’s security detail was cut down from 26 police officers to five, following a government directive aimed at scaling down the level of VIP protection to bolster security in the country.

The Interior CS had announced that half the of security personnel assigned to VIP protection would be recalled and redeployed to serve the ordinary citizens.

According to Dr Matiang’i, the exercise will see the withdrawn from other county bosses, senators, parastatals and others VIPs as well and assigned general duties.

On his part, governor Sonko maintained he had no problem with the withdrawal of his security detail if it was for the purpose of serving other Kenyans. He, however, stated that he felt there was an ill motive behind the decision to take away his aides.

“Let them come and take away my security, I will not kneel down to please a human being, I will now bow down to anyone, I will only bow down before my God and I’m not going back,” Sonko stated.


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