MC Jessy Shared This Embarrassing Photo Of Churchill And Pulled It Down… A Bit Late

There is no doubt that MC Jessy is a funny man. For years now he has managed to entertain Kenyans through the Churchill show and I bet fans love him too.

The comedian however left many talking just recently after sharing an embarrassing photo of Churchill on his Instagram page. Apparently the photo had been making rounds on social media before MC Jessy decided to get his hands on it too.

However, from how it looks seems that it was not as funny as he thought since he later pulled it down. Not quite sure whether it upset his boss or the comments left under it forced him to delete the photo.

It is quite surprising to see MC Jessy pull such a stunt but below is the photo he shared causing a stir on his social media page.

MC Jessy and Churchill’s relationship

The two have been long term friends for years now. They both shared a similar dream that saw them come up with the Churchill comedian show helping new talents in the country.

Though we rarely see the two together, I bet they spend a lot of time together away from Cameras.


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