Meet ‘Flip Squad’, The Hottest Matutu In Nairobi With Live DJ



Have you ever boarded a mathree that plays loud music that irritates your ears?

That unfortunately seems to be the story of every Nairobian commuter.

Enter Flip Squad plying the Kasaa route. This nganya has changed mathree entertainment with the introduction of live music mix courtesy of DJ Stinger.

“The live DJ mix is on every Friday and Saturday. Passengers also get a chance to request their mix. This is the first nganya in the city to entertain passengers with live mix on the road,” Flip Squad driver Mwaura aka Ngacha told Ma3 Culture.

Flip Squad is now the talk of town.

It also boasts of outstanding features, including curved 62-inch screen, six 32-inch, 50-inch screen and red carpet.

Flip Squad also has a cool interior and the roof changes colour at night!

Its’ crew, Johnte and Odu, have been whispered to be the best among those working for Mwiki and Kasaa nganyas.


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