Meet Hamisa Mobeto’s Daughter Who Turned Three Years Old

It was just the other day socialite model Hamisa Mobetto was pregnant and pointing a finger at Diamond whom she claimed was the baby daddy. Being that he was a married man and at the time living with Zari, the bongo artist vehemently denied any involvement with the pretty video vixen.

The drama did not stop there and Hamisa took Diamond to a children’s court demanding for child support. The two decided to settle the matter out of court and a monthly fee was agreed upon in the presence of their lawyers.


Well, that is all in the past now and the two seem to have quashed their beef if recent happenings are anything to go by.

As the water continues to settle, they share a beautiful gift by the name baby Fansy. Their daughter celebrated her third birthday a few days ago and the older she gets the finer she gets resembling her gorgeous mother.






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