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Meet The Nyeri Woman Who Married Former Ugandan Dictator, Idi Amin But Disappeared Without Any Trace

A family in Nyeri County has unsuccessfully been looking for a long time for a lady they said absconded with previous Ugandan despot Idi Amin.

Around 1954, Idi Amin was a police constable at Kiamachimbi Police Post (now a police headquarters) in Mathira in the wake of coming back from World War II. He become a close acquaintence with a youthful Wamuyu wa Murage and when he moved from the region, he stole away with her.

More than 50 years after the fact, her whereabouts are as yet obscure and none of the relatives have ever gotten notification from her. She was the last conceived in a group of six.​

Duncan Kaguithia, 72, says Wamuyu who was his auntie got pulled in to Amin and her family reluctantly acknowledged the relationship.

“This was during the State of Emergency and police officers were feared. We don’t know whether it was out of love or fear or both that made our aunt follow Amin,” says Kaguithia.

Kaguithia says he was a young boy and the family had no means to track her or any photographs of her to help in the search.

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“Illiteracy and fear of authorities hindered the family from asking questions. We didn’t have anybody to guide us and today, her two sisters who are alive have no clear memory of her,” he says.

When Amin became president in the 1970s, the family hoped that they would spot her with him in public events, but that was never the case.

Kaguithia who served as an assistant chief for Kaiyaba village says they visited hospitals and would even stop people on the streets to ask their names and backgrounds.

“It was a hard task. In the 1970s when I lived in Mombasa, I used to stop strangers and ask them about their background. We were determined to find her. We had pursued one case of a mentally sick woman only to learn about her relatives in Karatina,” says Kaguithia.

He says her parents and sisters died heartbroken.

“We can’t tell whether she is alive or dead. We just don’t know what happened to her. It hurts us a lot,” says Kaguithia

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