Meet The Makueni Man Who Was Dressed As A Muslim Woman ‘Farida’

Mutuku otherwise known as ¨Farida Chemutai¨, was captured by cops in Lamu.

In any case, after further examination, officers found ‘she’ was really Mutuku Nzambia, a male, from Makueni.

The officers were at the time, following up on a tip-off.

As per the officers, they captured the suspicious person who had been seen wearing female Islamic clothing.

This individual, the ´she´, introduced herself as Farida Chemutai to the officers.

However, after further search, the officers realized that ´she´ was actually a male, Mutuku Nzambia, a 24-year old, from Makueni.

Wonders will never seize indeed!

The police must have had that phrase ringing in their minds at the time.

Details revealed that Mutuku Nzambia hails from Kithuku location in Makueni.

The 24-year old informed the officers that he had been invited to the small coastal town by a friend, Zainab Wambua.

However, Mutuku apparently never got to see eye to eye with Zainab.

Zainab Wambua

Mr Mutuku had been living with Idris Kororo, a Somali male who escaped on spotting the police.

The suspect is to remain in police custody awaiting multiagency interrogation.

Mutuku Nzambia

Detectives are trying to establish if at all this 24-year old was in the process of recruitment as an Alshabaab member.


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