Miguna Dares Government After Matiang’i Denial Of His Deportation

Self-declared NRM General Miguna Miguna has now challenged the Kenyan government to give evidence that he was not forcefully quieted and expelled from Kenya after Interior CS Fred Matiang’i’s cases when he showed up before the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Administration.

Miguna said the administration had come up short on alternatives, reasons and lies as he requested that the legislature give solid confirmation that he enthusiastically loaded onto the plane back to Dubai.

He also asked them to produce witnesses who saw him board the plane he used to Dubai with sworn affidavits.

“Let the tyrants publish images of me booking the flight; a copy of my payment for the flight; a copy of my air ticket and boarding pass; images of me going through security, check-in counters, immigration and Customs, boarding the plane on my feet; images of me seated in my seat on the plane; images of me eating and drinking on the plane; and images of me speaking with anyone on the plane. Let the despots produce sworn affidavits of any INDEPENDENT PASSENGERS that saw me board and stay in the plane for the duration of the trip. The despots must fall. They have run out of options, excuses and lies.” Said Miguna.

His words come after CS Matiang’i said Miguna was not forcefully deported contrary to media reports, but was only removed from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) as an undocumented person.

He added that if Miguna was deported he would have to sign a deportation order but Miguna had not been cleared to enter Kenya.


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