Miguna Reveals How Kalonzo Has Been Betraying Raila

Self-proclaimed NRM General Miguna Miguna has now issued a fresh warning to Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka for allegedly undermining the NASA coalition.

The outspoken lawyer claimed that Musyoka and the Wiper team have been secretly working with the Jubilee government to undermine NASA leader Raila Odinga’s agenda.

Forcefully exiled

A STERN WARNING to @CoalitionNASAKe affiliate “parties” especially @WiperMovement: The #NRM generals and troops all over the world are WATCHING you. Stop conspiring with the @JubileePartyK despots to undermine the POPULAR WILL of the people – in Parliament & elsewhere. @skmusyoka,” Miguna warned.

He issued the warning from Canada where he was forcefully exiled after claims that he had lost his Kenyan citizenship.

NASA boycott

Despite being outside the country, the NRM General has continued with a bold agenda to defend Odinga and the NASA coalition.

He has used his law offices in Canada as the NRM diaspora office, in addition to updating the list of products that Opposition supporters should boycott.

The #NRM-Ke wishes to notify its generals, soldiers, supporters and patriots worldwide of the following UPDATED BOYCOTT/ RESIST list of companies, goods and aliens: 1. @SafaricomLtd. 2. Brookside Diaries. 3. @BidcoGroup. 4. @hacotigerbrands. 5. @BobGodec,” he stated.


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