Miguna’s Deportation Saga Involve KAA

A human rights agency has accused Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) of barring its officials from immigration areas to facilitate Miguna Miguna’s entry into the country.

In a report filed before the High Court, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) claimed that KAA did not grant its representatives special passes to access immigration and Customs areas as directed by the court.

The April 22 report details what happened and recommends that all those who defied court orders be punished.

KNCHR principal officer Kamanda Mucheke says that when his team went to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) they were informed they could not proceed because of “orders from above”.

Unfettered access

But in a change of tune, JKIA employees told him that the understanding of the court order was that only KNCHR Chair Kagwiria Mbogori would be allowed unfettered access.

It is only after Kagwiria called Director of Immigration Joseph Munywoki that Kamanda was allowed in.

Kamanda claims that he was assaulted by police officers when he sought to see Miguna.

The human rights body says Miguna should have been allowed in the country without providing his passport on the strength of the court order.

Although Miguna had claimed that officers who detained him at JKIA stole his money, KNCHR says they secured an envelope that had $1,500.

The commission urged the court to compensate Miguna because his “rights to enjoy his Kenyan citizenship” were breached.

It also argued that the court should force the Government to issue Miguna with another Kenyan passport and facilitate his travel from Canada.


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