Mixed Reactions As Ekuru Aukot Is Allowed To Contest In The Repeat Election

Kenyans from different divides have taken to social media to air their thoughts after the High Court ordered for the inclusion of Third Alliance Party presidential Candidate Ekuru Aukot in the October 26 fresh presidential poll.

As reported, Aukot had moved to court to challenge the decision by IEBC to allow only Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta to be on the ballot.

Well,the High Court on Wednesday, October 11, ruled in favor of Aukot and ordered that he be allowed to vie.

Speaking just moments after the ruling,Aukot expressed his joy and confirmed to the world that his name will appear on the ballot,come October,26.

“IEBC had underestimated our smallness. The law was on our side. We will be on the ballot on October 26 but we must first discuss with IEBC on the necessary reforms,” Aukot said.

Aukot’s victory came just a day after NASA chief principal Raila Odinga formally withdrew from the repeat election stating that it is the only way that Kenya can have a free and fair election.

It seems Aukot’s victory excited a multitude judging by countless comments on social media.Quite a number of people congratulated Aukot and the High Court for the ruling.



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