This Is Why Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho, Has Taken Another Trip Outside The Country

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho flew out of the country on Wednesday on an official trip to Spain.

The Governor traveled to the European nation in a bid to push for funding of desalination plants in Mombasa County.

Governor Joho is said to have initiated the process in line with his promise to the residents of Mombasa to curb water shortage.

Mr Richard Chacha, the governor’s spokesman told reporters that the county boss intends to build two plants – one at Likoni and another at Shimo La Tewa.

Mr Chacha outlined that preliminary assessments projected that the Likoni plant would produce 30,000 cubic metres of water daily with the other plant producing 100,000 cubic metres.

“During his visit, the governor will meet Spanish government officials and water desalination experts,” the spokesman stated.

Spain was the first country in history to successfully develop and use desalination technology over 40 years ago.

Governor Joho may have been pushed to approach the Spaniards directly after Water Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui denounced the project deeming it too expensive for the national government to support.

Mr Chacha mentioned that Governor Joho had traveled with Mombasa Water CEC Fatma Awale and the team would also travel to France..

“The Governor will then attend the Global Water Summit in France where he will deliver an address,” he stated.

His previous trip to Dubai caused an uproar among residents of the coastal county who went on to develop a poster for missing persons with an image of the governor.


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