Mombasa Police Arrest Suspected Tanzanian Drug Dealer


A suspected Tanzanian drug dealer was arrested on Thursday and heroin with a street value of Sh543,000 seized.

Anti-narcotics detectives said Hemed Musa alias Diru is one of the foreigners trafficking narcotics in the country.

Musa was apprehended last week with a haul of bhang but was released on bond pending the full hearing of the case.

Mombasa County Police Commandant, Johnstone Ipara, said his officers raided one of the homes of the 38-year-old in Jomvu Jitoni and found 178 grams of heroin in 88 sachets.

Ipara said the drugs were to be sold locally.handcuff

Musa played hide and seek with the officers who found CCTV cameras mounted in his house. He used the cameras to monitor suspicious movements before going into hiding during police patrols.

Ipara said they will appeal to the Director of the Public Prosecution to deny the suspect bond after this second arrest in less than two weeks.

“He is a notorious drug peddler whose intention is to destroy the lives of youths. We will appeal to the Judiciary not to grant him bond.”

The Commandant further said the detectives will conduct a lifestyle audit following reports that the suspect owns several properties believed to have been acquired through proceeds from drug trafficking.

“We were shocked by how the alien acquired property in Kenya,” Ipara said. “He does not have any valid documents. We are investigating his connections and how he acquired the property.”

A special team in the Anti-Narcotics Unit has arrested and deported several foreigners, including Italian drug barons said to have been trafficking drugs in the country.

Italians Leon Fulvio, Mario Mele, and Stefano Poll had been on Interpol’s list of criminals wanted in that country.

Last year, two sons of slain drug baron Ibrahim Akasha and two foreigners were extradited to the United States to face charges of conspiracy to export heroin and Methamphetamines to the US.

Despite the government’s intensified crackdown on drugs, tonnes of narcotics are still being smuggled into and out of the country by well-connected cartels.

Reports say foreigners who engage in drug trafficking enjoy the protection of rogue police officers.


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