MP Mohamed Ali Gives Account On Earlier Life Inspiration

Nyali Member of Parliament Mohamed Ali has explained the frustrations he went through early in life that inspired him to become ambitious and successful in life.

Speaking in an interview, Ali narrated how he once attempted to join the military and the police service but was turned down for having a “small chest”.

The renowned journalist stated that he was angry at the government for promising the youth jobs, yet it was asking for bribes in exchange.

“The first time I was dismissed and told that my chest was too small. In my next attempt the police asked for a Ksh20,000 bribe,” he revealed.

After failing to secure the money, his mother took him to a computer college, which he attended for a whole term, although deep down in his heart, he felt like he was doing the wrong course.

Ali revealed that his journalism interest was sparked by a poster on a tree that advertised applications for media studies. He managed to get an internship at KBC but struggled to secure a job afterwards.

The first time MP shared how he wrote more than 30 application letters and that at some point, he was so desperate that he even applied for a job at Bibilia Husema, a Christian radio station.

After failing to secure a job, Ali stated that he was tricked into travelling to Saudi Arabia in search of greener pastures only to end up serving coffee in a hotel.

Three years later, he travelled back to Kenya and got his big break in 2007 when he joined KTN following a massive exodus of journalists from the Mombasa Road-based media house to Citizen TV.

Ali also recounted how the current Lands Cabinet Secretary, Faridah Karoney, mentored and assured him of great support when he decided to dive into the pool of investigative journalism.


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