Why You Must Experience The Talented June Gachui

She is a lawyer by profession, but a thespian, and musician by calling! You want to see her take up the microphone singing, stepping up a role in acting, or leading functions as MC.
Referred as one of the most sought after entertainers, she is one known to bring her soul and passion into any act she is involved in.
Among her most memorable performances is a one woman show titled “My Brilliant Divorce” and “Shirley Valentine.” She has been acting on numerous stages, with more than ten years as a Phoenix player.
She has also sang to live audiences across the world, with her voice blessing audiences in USA, Australia, United Kingdom, France, and neighbouring Uganda too.
Last August, she launched her Album titled Twenty Years. It is testimony to her two decades in the music industry in Kenya.
Interestingly, she has set up practise as an intellectual property lawyer, and runs a firm called JGIP Consultants in Nairobi. Talk about talent!
Now you can hear more of this multi-talented lady, in her upcoming new show titled All of June, which will be starting this February at the Kenya National Theatre.

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