Mutahi Ngunyi Biography, Family, And Education

This popular political analyst became popular after his hypothesis indicated that Jubilee coalition will win the election in 2013 and which it did. If you are a fan of Mutahi Ngunyi, here is all you need to know about him.

Mutahi Ngunyi biography will shock you
Mutahi biography is less unwrapped to the public, but the few known will definitely shock you. He grew and spent most of his early life in Eastlands. Mutahi Ngunyi is a half cast of Kikuyu and Luo tribe; he discovered that just a few years back. His father Mr. Zephaniah Odwido was from Siaya County. All this was revealed by a herbalist in Siaya called Mr. Zakayo Odongo who claimed to recognize his father. According to Mr. Zakayo Odongo, Mutahi’ dad was a rich renowned man in his village.

Mutahi Nyunyi’s father high status made him to gain favor from young girls and he ended up with Mutahi’s mother. After some times, the two parted ways and Mutahi’s mother went away with her son. After many years, Mr. Zakayo Odongo recognized Mutahi Ngunyi because of his unique birthmark on his face. Once the political scientist discovered the story, he was shocked and he posted it in his twitter account.

“I apologize to the LUO NATION unreservedly. No harm INTENDED. I am a product of Luo SCHOLARS whom I RESPECT immensely. I eat the HUMBLE PIE (sic),”

Mutahi Ngunyi family loss
Mutahi Ngunyi profile on his family has always remained low and the only time he mentioned his family is after the death of his son, which was back in 2016. He opened up on his family loss when having a talk at KTN Person of Interest and he said how him and the family are trying to be strong. Mutahi Ngunyi son died and it must have been a great loss to the political analyst together with his family. After his son’s death, some of his haters could not spare him at his sad and painful moment and they mercilessly insulted him on social media. The harsh words were not worth at that moment no matter how worth is your hatred towards the political scientist.

One man said that politics is a dirty game and the political analyst seems to understand that clearly.Thats why Mutahi Ngunyi wife and children photos has never been shared to the public. Mutahi Ngunyi has 3 daughters. All we believe and hope is that Mutahi makes his family life unwrapped to secure them

Mutahi Ngunyi educational background
It is believed that Mutahi Ngunyi pursued his primary as well as secondary education in schools located in Eastland, though the specific schools are unknown. On 10th March in the year 2014, Mutahi confessed on his Twitter page that he always attained ‘D’ grade in his high school education. Mutahi Ngunyi main aim of his confession was to encourage the ‘D’ grade students because the grade does not mean that they are failures. Here is a repost of Mutahi Ngunyi in his Twitter account.

“To the ‘D’ students at KCSE: I was always no.38 out of 39. In real life, the ‘Cs’ help the ‘As’ get the jobs from the ‘Ds’. Ask Chris Kirubi!”
A total of over 2, 406 comments flocked his post with not less than 703 likes; both negative and positive comments. Mike Sonko, the current Nairobi governor agreed with Mutahi Ngunyi post and supported it by posting in his Twitter page.

“I agree with Mutahi Ngunyi, getting a D in KCSE doesn’t mean you have failed in life. D students should be encouraged instead. Musikufe moyo”

Mutahi Ngunyi career success
Kenyan daily post Mutahi Ngunyi is arguably the most sought after political analyst in Kenya. He has therefore managed to teach in a number of schools such as UON (University of Nairobi), SIAS, Scandinavian Institute for African Studies, and University of Leeds as the visiting Research Fellow. He also taught at Institute for Policy Analysis and Research as the Associate Research Fellow, and finally, the University of Helsinki that is located in Finland as Visiting Research Fellow.

Apart from teaching and working as a researcher in a couple of universities in both Kenya and Europe, Mutahi Ngunyi is the current Principal Fellow at Ipex as well as TCH. So far, the political scientist has consulted & worked for over 15 African countries. His success in his career can only be described as beyond words.

Position of Mutahi Ngunyi in public service
Mutahi Ngunyi is the current Consult Africa Company CEO. This company is only based in ten counties in Africa. Before getting his current position at the knowledge management company, Mutahi Ngunyi was serving as a director of publishing and editing publications in East African research and publishing NGO that is based in the region of great lakes.

Mutahi Ngunyi latest opinions 2018

Mutahi Ngunyi is a controversial political scientist who is always giving his honest opinions on political line of action in the country. Currently, there is ongoing conflict against the Kenyan contraband sugar as it is suspected to have heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and copper. To Mutahi Ngunyi, there is nothing wrong with the contraband sugar and power struggle of the pitch cartels is the main reason of the scandal.

Mutahi Ngunyi also gave his opinion about the NYS corruption. According to him, there were 2 types of NYS thieves. The first type of thieves stole the money and the second type stole dreams. Kenyans reacted differently basing our judgments from comments after it was published on 9th June 2018 on YouTube. Currently, the clip has 65, 212 views, 756 likes, 61 dislikes, and 84 comments.

In conclusion, Mutahi Ngunyi biography places him under the most active political scientists in Kenya. Some Kenyans love his honest opinions while others have much hatred. Mutahi Ngunyi blog is still unknown, but you can follow him on his Twitter account, Facebook page, or his YouTube channel, The 5th Estate.


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