Mutahi Ngunyi Makes Elaborate Revelation About Raila’s Successor

Controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has predicted that National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga’s daughter will be the President of Kenya.
In his analysis titled: The Truth Report: Maybe Raila is Not Wrong, Mr. Ngunyi envisioned that Winnie Odinga will take over from Deputy President William Ruto after his term as the Head of State which is said to commence in 2022.

The political scientist insisted that the former Prime Minister will never be President but emphasized that his ambition will be lived through his daughter, Winnie.

“Raila will ever become the President of Kenya. It is over for him. But his daughter Winnie Odinga will become the first woman president of Kenya after William Ruto. And you can take that to the bank as a prediction and borrow a loan using it,” he firmly stated.

Constitutional errors
Mr. Ngunyi and his group of lawyers of the Fort Hall School of Government opined that the 2010 Constitution had numerous errors which ought to be rectified for the country to be more inclusive when it comes to leadership positions.

He blamed the Constitution for propagating a Presidency that was only exchanged between individual of two communities. He added that for other communities to get a chance to head the Nation, the Constitution must be changed.

“Constitutional change is the only way to change this anomaly. Our Constitution is a comedy of errors. If the country is to experience re-birth, we must recall this constitution and correct the errors,” the analyst mentioned.

Unlike her sister Rosemary Odinga who has tried her hands in politics, Winnie Odinga has only been spotted accompanying her father to various functions around the world including political rallies.


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