Mutahi Ngunyi Reveals How Raila Is Winning Against DP Ruto

Controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi now holds that Opposition chief Raila Odinga is winning against Deputy President William Ruto.

In his latest analysis, Mr Ngunyi and his group of lawyers at Fort Hall School of Government issued a strict warning to DP Ruto against his continued political campaigns across the country.

According to the political analyst, President Uhuru Kenyatta is currently looking for leaders who will help him achieve the Big 4 agenda and not politicians who run around complaining.

Ngunyi divulged that Kenyatta’s strategy of building his legacy was communicated to both Mr Odinga and DP Ruto but going with the current situations it seems only the former Prime Minister had adhered to the Head of State’s request.

“We will send a backdated internal memo to William Ruto. It is a public memo from President Kenyatta. Dear Mr Ruto, we send you this backdated because we suspect that you did not receive. We call it backdated because Raila Odinga received it three months ago and he has started acting on it.

“We send it urgently because you need to change tact. You need to read the mood of the nation. Mr Ruto, the country is tired of politics. What we want now is leadership and not politics. Uhuru’s backdated memo was about leadership, Raila received the memo and you did not,” the analyst said.

Ngunyi further hypothesized that if DP Ruto does not wait well for his presidential candidature in 2022 General Election, then the former Prime Minister could beat him in inheriting Mr. Kenyatta.

“Today Raila is wiser, he understands that you do not rush things, Anything worth having is worth waiting for. If your attitude is that of entitlement like Raila after the 2007 election, you will lose.

“And that is why Raila has changed his Kitendawili politics to that for diplomacy. His waiting tactics have changed because he received the memo. If you are not careful he will take your birthright,” the analyst opined.

The analyst went on to urge Ruto to become the leader Mr Kenyatta wants him to be.


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