‘Muziki’ Hit Maker Darassa Stuns People With Drastic Change In New Photo

Darassa is not a new name in the entertainment industry. A while back his music ruled most East African airwaves; but it has been a while since he released a new project.

His last song was released about 11 months and since then he has gone missing in action. However, just recently he was spotted hanging out with a group of guys and from the photo many believe that they were all not sober.

The photo has since sparked several speculations including that Darassa could now be abusing hard drugs.

With the news spreading like wild fire, Darassa has been forced to respond. Speaking to a popular Tanzanian news outlet the singer said;

Jamani Mimi niko poa kabisa, maneno yanayosemwa na watu sidhani kama yanahitaji kuaminika kama sijasema mimi au pasipo na Ushahidi. Niko poa na naendelea na mitikasi yangu, studio kama kawa na pale nitakapoweka mambo yangu sawa kwa maana ya kuwa tayari kuwafahamisha chochote mashabiki wangu watajua tu. Ila kwa sasa nimeamua iwe hivyo inavyoonekana”


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