Nairobi Women Representative, Esther Passaris Makes This Unexpected Request To President Uhuru

After touring Kenyatta National Hospital just before Christmas, Passaris requested the Head of State to cancel the New Year’s party and instead use the funds to release patients detained in the hospital.

The Nairobi women rep engaged some of the patients who confided in her that they lacked money to clear the arrears.

One of the patients divulged that despite mobilising family members to assist, it had become difficult and had no option but to stay in the hospital.

Please Mr. President, can we release our patients. The women in this hospital are crying to go back to their families. Cancel the Christmas party for State House if you have to, you don’t need a Christmas party at State House. We don’t need a new year’s party. What we need is to release the patients in Kenyatta National hospital,” she said.

Passaris also visited Paradise Children’s Home where she donated foodstuffs.

Esther M Passaris


Many poor Kenyans men, women and children alike are held hostage in our public hospitals due to lack of insurance and their inability to meet acquired medical costs. Mary Wanjiku is one of many women detained along the corridors. 


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