Nakuru MCAs In Second Plot To Impeach Speaker Joel Maina

The fate of Nakuru Speaker Joel Maina hangs in balance as a section of MCAs are planning to impeach him.

Led by Peter Nyagothii of Biashara ward, the MCAs said they will table a motion on Tuesday for Maina’s removal from office.

At least 52 out of 78 of them have collected signatures for this.

The representatives claim the Speaker has failed to discharge his duties impartially, that he does not pick their phone calls and that he is biased.

It was said on Monday that the ward representatives burnt the midnight oil at an undisclosed location in Nyahururu, strategising on how to impeach the Speaker.

“Before dawn, we may have collected more signatures and moved to table the motion to impeach the Speaker. We have the majority and it’s evident we will win,” said an MCA who sought anonymity.

The source said some MCAs had been collecting signatures for five days and conducting meetings to make the impeachment a success.

This is the second attempt at Maina’s impeachment.

In December last year, the MCAs threatened to take this action against him, accusing him of failing to get them unsecured car loans and mortgages.

After failing to secure the Sh5 million loans, the MCAs resorted to intimidating accounting officers and the Speaker.

In November last year, the representatives did not pass a motion on a two-month recess saying they did not have money. Others said the House had not agreed on the issue of car loans and mortgages.

The debate forced Maina to adjourn the session for 15 minutes to allow the MCAs to discuss the recess motion before putting it to question.

Maina did not answer phone calls for comment on the matter yesterday, but when the MCAs threatened to impeach him last year, he said: “MCAs have been having issues with car loans and mortgages. I haven’t heard of plans to impeach me because no such motion has been filed with the clerk.”

He denied the allegations that were raised against him and his leadership.


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