NASA Affiliate Party Accuses Opposition Leader Ralia Of Betrayal

Ford Kenya leaders have blamed Opposition leader Raila Odinga of betraying the Luhya community and its leaders

The party’s Bungoma branch officials and MCAs accused Raila of always targeting the community’s leaders once things do not go his way.

Branch Secretary General Peter Wakhuleka said Raila was fond of trying to scuttle any Luhya leader who was rising up the political ladder.

Wakhuleka said the recent attempt to remove Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula as Minority Leader and replace him his Siaya counterpart, James Orengo was a testimony of how ungrateful the opposition leader was.

“We are taking issue with the way Odinga is fond of treating Luhya leaders. We are not happy with the way he is taking our leader for a ride and the way he is treating senator Wetang’ula is unacceptable,” he said.

Wakhuleka said this latest incident was a clear indicator that the opposition leader did not value the Luhya community’s support.

He said the community had stood by Raila even after scuttling the ambition of many politicians in the area and it was time the community made their stand known.

Wakhuleka said Raila abandoned Ford Kenya and formed NDP when he was defeated by the late Kijana Wamalwa in the party elections thus scuttling Wamalwa’s presidential bid.

“What he did to Wamalwa when he broke away from Ford Kenya was in bad taste and this even went ahead and cost Wamalwa the presidency as he was popular at the time,” he said.

Bungoma County Assembly Majority Leader, Florence Wekesa, said the community had supported Raila and his father the late Jaramogi severally and demanded respect.

Wekesa said it was time that he community made a bold statement and supported one of their own instead of supporting ungrateful leaders.

“We have supported Raila severally at the expense of our own leader and this is how they decide to repay us. We now want to make our own statement by rallying behind one of our own and let them seek for support elsewhere,” she said.

County Assembly Deputy Minority Whip, Luke Opwora, said that Raila shoud come out clearly and state whether the opposition coalition, Nasa, is over instead of targeting leaders.

“We are asking Raila to state clearly whether there is a divorce or not and not hide under sideshows by targeting leaders. We need to know so that we can make our decisions effectively,” he said.


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