“Need To Have A Word With My Plastic Surgeon,” Vicky Rubadiri Slams Fan

Vicky Rubadiri responded to a ´fan´ with a classy comeback after accusing her of getting lip fillers.

¨So @VickyRubadiri decided to do a horrible lip job with injections?? Low self-esteem!¨ Alvin Kibet´s tweet read.

The fan accused her of taking the Kardashian route and getting some lip fillers but Alvin felt that the person did a horrible job.

Therefore, according to the fan, this might have resulted to Rubadiri having low self-esteem.

In most occasions, one would expect any individual linked to such cosmetic procedures, to gush out all manner of words.

This was however not the case.

Citizen TV anchor, Vicky Rubadiri

Victoria Rubadiri instead made a joke out of it.

¨Snap! It looked pretty natural the first couple of days. Need to have a word with my plastic surgeon.¨ the beauty wrote back.

This seems to have been the current trend among most of these media personalities.

TV siren, Betty Kyallo recently gave a reply to a fan who thought the lass had put on some more weight that didn´t look all that nice.

¨My Betty now that weight is going overboard. Look at those hands bwana. Love you all the same,¨ the fan expressed.

TV siren, Betty Kyallo

Similarly, Instead of lashing out at the fan who publicly might have pricked the beauty´s ego, she gave an upbeat response.

¨Ni kupendwa mob,¨

That is the reason the mother of one, gave in response.


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