New Bill to Ban Use Of Animal Manure In Planting Crops

Planting crops utilizing creature compost will be esteemed unlawful if another bill is passed.

The proposed bill looks to verify guidelines that control nourishment creation, preparing, showcasing, imports and fares.

The law will prohibit ranchers from planting crops beside destinations whose land can result in pollution of soil, air and water.

Reports from Daily Nation state the areas include sites used for domestic animal production, disposal of garbage and industrial waste, sanitary waste management, mining and roadsides.

The law is a big blow to mixed farmers who grow crops side by side with animals. Most of these farmers use animal manure to enrich their farms.

The new regulations also want food inspectors to be appointed, so as the food crops and products suit the local and international standards.

Also, the law states that any person who will obstruct a food-crops inspector from accessing farms will get a jail term of up to three years.

The document, which will be tabled in parliament after final perusal by the Attorney General, was drafted by County Governments, the Agriculture and Food Authority and the Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary.  

Beatrice Nyamwamu, the manager of regulations and compliance at AFA stated the regulations would help plan for food security.


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