The New Fashion Trend That Has The Whole World Talking (Photos)

Just when we thought bizarre eyebrow trends were left in 2017, along comes the fish tail eyebrows.

The new beauty trend is made by splitting your eyebrows into two at the arch of the brow to make it resemble a fish tail.

The look was first popularized by International Cosmetics line Huda Beauty founder Huda Kattan and it seems to have caught on as make-up artists and beauty trend enthusiasts are trying it out.

Ms. Huda didn’t however draw the eyebrows on herself but they were actually Photoshopped on by Instagram user known as SkyEditz.

Some people have however found an alternative to the photoshopped fish tails and are instead applying concealer to create a gap on their eyebrows. They then go on to fill their eyebrows in upwards to create the fish tail look so don’t go shaving your eyebrows just yet if you want to try out this trend.

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