Nick Mutuma ‘Brought To His Knees’ After Njaanuary Tweet Backfires

A simple Njaanuary tweet by Kenyan TV hunk Nick Mutuma has left him with an egg on his face after it generated a sizeable heat.

Mutuma was forced to retract the tweet that had admonished those undergoing the biting January blues after some twitter users bashed him for being insensitive.

The actor in his apology stated that the tweet that had seemingly rubbed some the wrong way was meant for one of his friends.

“That tweet was subtle shade for one of my mates who I’d watched partying hard throughout December only to complain about a tough financial situation in Jan.

“It wasn’t a shot at anyone and I honestly didn’t think it would go South this quick. Sorry if it rubbed you the wrong way,” wrote Mutuma.

Here are a sample of tweets that followed Mutuma’s Njaanuary post.


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