Nick Ndeda Quits XFM

Radio Africa Group’s, Nick Ndeda hang up his earphones, an enormous blow it has been for the radio station, XFM.

Scratch Ndeda has since time immemorial been a most loved among numerous youthfuls and one for his manager station as well.

XFM’s fans can beyond any doubt back up this conclusion for Nick was the moderator all longed to tune in to.

One would effortlessly have Nick Ndeda’s show time saved on their bustling timetables.

No matter! Relish your keep going minutes with Nick on air today.

´#GoodThingsAreComingSoon´ is one of the hashtags, Nick Ndeda posted on his Instagram page.

We do wish him well.

Nick Ndeda was known for his XFM ´Weekly Top 30 segment´ and ´X Breakfast´.

It was through his Instagram account that he informed his fans and followers that he would be exiting his 11 years on air.

Nick Ndeda waves goodbye

¨So, I am doing my final show on XFM tomorrow.¨

Nick Ndeda made this public on Thursday, 14th March, on an Instagram post.

¨Tomorrow, let´s do it one last time!¨ and that is how he waved ´being on air´ at XFM, Goodbye.

His last show would therefore be on the Friday, 15th of March.

¨It´s been an awesome seven years hosting that zany morning show.¨

Nick´s voice had been up on air for a solid 7 years, holding his position as one of the best radio presenters at XFM.

¨I had great shoes to fill following Fareed Khimani.¨

He had taken over Fareed Khimani´s show time or slot at XFM.

A position he faithfully and enthusiastically delivered on, with dedication.

The XFM radio presenter might not have hinted his next move but judging from his post, all seems to be well.

The young and talented media personality is also a theatrical performer, a polished one for that matter.

He has made couple of appearances in a number of local and international productions, never disappointing.



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