Nine Nifty Things Foreigners Can Do While Visiting Nairobi

In the Maasai language, Nairobi is “place of cool water”. As Kenya’s capital, and east Africa’s most populous city, Nairobi is a vibrant commercial and cultural hub where Coca Cola, Price Waterhouse and the World Bank boast facilities and where the UN headquarters for Africa is located. It’s also the Safari Capital – to experience Kenya’s life-changing adventures, safari-goers start here:

coffee beans on a branch
#1 Get beaned! Visit a coffee farm, estate or factory
feeding baby elephants
#2 Show some big love for an elephant!
#3 Visit the Karen Blixen Museum
a house of wain
#4 Go local. Try a family-owned boutique hotel
#5 Top off your day at the Giraffe Centre
mountain in Kenya
#6 Take a hike!
turkana boy skull
#7 Bone up at the National Museum
nairobi national park
#8 Safari in a City
#9 Go Wild


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