No Thank You Dr. Miguna Rejects To Sonko’s Nomination

Dr. Miguna Miguna has turned down Sonko’s nomination as his Deputy Governor for Nairobi County. Responding to a message sent from KDRTV News desk over his nomination, Dr. Miguna was very categorical that he won’t accept Sonko’s nomination because to him that’s a distraction from his course on fight against corruption and electoral malpractices.

Before 2017’s election in a televised Gubernatorial debate, Dr. Miguna said that he cannot work with cartels and named Sonko as part of the cartel that has bad records as a convicted criminal and an alleged drug dealer.

My focus is in the fight against cartels and mega corruption which has bedeviled and engrossed in our society by murderers , looters and plunderers who has made Kenya a poor nation because of poor leadership and management.

I don’t want any distraction at this juncture my goal is to ensure justice prevail to every Kenyan irrespective of his ethnic or religious affiliation. Therefore the nomination as DG of Nairobi by Sonko is a BIG NO.


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