NPCA Set To Deliberate On The Crisis In Kenyan Cricket

The Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association (NPCA) will hold a full council meeting at the Nairobi Gymkhana on Saturday to, among other issues, deliberate on the crisis in Kenyan cricket.

NPCA secretary, Charles Nyemberi, on Wednesday said that his association will use the Gymkhana meeting to pick eight delegates who will represent the association at Cricket Kenya (CK) elections set for March 24.

Other CK affiliates who are also expected to pick their delegates are Coast Cricket Association and Rift Valley Cricket Association who are allocated six and three delegates respectively.

The snap elections were called after the resignation of two executive board members of CK, namely chairlady Jackie Janmohamed and the director of development Abhijeet Raja Sarkar.

They both presented their resignation letters during a CK executive board meeting at Ruaraka Sports Club on Saturday, February 17.

However, the other two elected executive members of the board, vice-chairman Pali Sehmi and treasurer Ravi Kaul, have not resigned.

The two representatives from each of the CK affiliates, who are also CK board members, also retained their membership in the executive.

The crisis in CK is deepening as the national team coach, Thomas Odoyo, also resigned at the same board meeting of February 17.

This follows the debacle in Namibia during the ICC World Cricket League Division Two where Kenya lost all its matches and was demoted to ICC World Cricket League Division Three.

Kenya’s team captain, Rakep Patel, also stepped down.

The fate of the national team players is also unknown as their contracts expired on Wednesday.

As things stand now Kenya does not have a cricket team. Kenya is one of the countries scheduled to compete in the Four-Nations East Africa World Twenty20 Qualifiers set for Kigali, in June along with Uganda, Tanzania and hosts Rwanda.

After failing in the ICC World Cricket League Division Two, Kenya’s cricketers have a golden opportunity to redeem themselves in the Kigali event.


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