“Obsession For Young Women Is Natural For Men” – Shinyalu MP Justus Kizito

Shinyalu MP Justus Kizito left his constituents in awe after publicly admitting that he was sexually attracted to young beautiful women and would not resist approaching and courting them.

The legislator lashed out at critics of his habit challenging them to up their game and stop complaining.

The MP who was speaking in his Shinyalu backyard, said he was flabbergasted that those spreading the message were men who were naturally born to appreciate pretty women.

“They say I am always lusting after women, especially young girls. Which man does not love and get attracted to beautiful women?” he wondered.

Kizito admitted that he was attracted to pretty young ladies but never uses force when courting them.

“Let them tell me the woman complaining that I used undue influence or force to make love to her. If they do not know how to seduce women and make them happy then they should keep off and leave me alone,” he said.

He claimed his tormentors were only jealous of his prowess in the field and were out to taint his name and reputation.

Kizito was responding to attacks from a section of leaders from his constituency and beyond who questioned his morals after he was recently photographed with two young ladies in what looked like a nightclub.

“I was a guest in a function in Nakuru and the ladies asked for a photo-session. My hug was just an innocent one but some elements have now blown the whole issue out of proportion,” he said.

The MP who is known for his overly social demeanor was sharply criticised by his constituents after he shared the photo on constituency’s Whatsapp group.

“You are a disgrace to the people of Shinyalu and particularly your wife and children. What do you think they are feeling now given they are members here?” reacted one Wycliffe Ahindukha.

Kizito’s predecessor Silverse Lisamula has been leading the onslaught on the MP terming him as “munyeri” (rapist).

“Kizito is an embarrassment to the people of Shinyalu. You cannot even send a schoolgirl or your wife, daughter to his office for help. He will sleep with them first,” claimed Lisamula.

The politician dismissed his opponent’s assertions as baseless and mere propaganda being peddled by a “disgruntled old man who is yet to believe that I beat him in 2017”.


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