Oh My!! Nakuru Man Dumps Girlfriend For Saving Him On Phone As ‘Nagging Peter’


A young man in Nakuru County is reeling from shock and heartache after he discovered that a woman he thought was madly in love with him, and whom he had even bought an expensive, brand-new mobile phone, had been taking him for a ride and ‘playing’ him with other men.

The young man was so much in love with her that he offered everything she requested or demanded.

Thus, after her made-in-China contraption malfunctioned beyond repair, he bought her a smartphone worth tens of thousands.

oThe woman works as a waitress at a restaurant in Nakuru town, and wouldn’t have afforded the phone on her own, if the peanuts she earned were anything to go by. What the young man does for a living is not known, though he was only revealed to this writer as a “hustler”.

A source close to the young man revealed that he met the woman after he had gone to eat where she works.

The first day he saw her, her beauty allegedly got his heart melting and his knees weak, and he didn’t hesitate to make his intentions known.

He covered her ears with honey-coated words, and even reinforced his bid for a special spot in her heart by ‘surprising’ her with a tip every now and then.

At some point, she became ‘incommunicado’. The young man became anxious and went to her place of work to check her out, only to realise that her phone had malfunctioned.

Eager to please her, the ‘gentleman’ found it as an opportunity to impress and surprise her with a brand-new, ‘original’ phone, using money he had saved up for quite some time; a terrible decision he is now regretting.

Unbeknown to him, there were other men ‘tuning’ the woman. And to make matters worse, the woman was entertaining his gentlemanly gestures for her selfish ends, without him being any wiser.

Unfortunately, he swallowed her wiles hook, line and sinker! It never occurred to him that he was being ‘used’.

Apparently, what was going on in their ‘relationship’ was not very clear. So, as the source intimates, when their daily phone conversations began waning, he got worried.

It reached a point where she no longer replied to his text messages promptly. She took her sweet time, at times days, to respond.

What really made him suspicious was the fact that she became unenthusiastic about him, and never bothered to respond even after he ‘surprised’ her with airtime. To get things back on course, he planned a meeting with the woman last Sunday.

They met at Nakuru’s Nyayo Gardens in what was supposedly a patching-up date. During the date, the young man, out of curiosity, asked her how good her new phone was.

Meanwhile, he began scrutinising the phone, scrolling through the various applications. Hell broke loose when he stumbled upon romantic messages from other men.

It got crazier when he dialed his number and what came on the screen was the name “Nagging Peter”.

The miffed young man couldn’t take it anymore; he fumbled with the phone and chucked her SIM and memory cards, which he flung at her and walked off, seething with rage.

The woman has neither seen him nor heard from him since that day.



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