Omondi And Fiancé Give Fans A Show As They Plan To Reunite After 4 Months Apart

Long distance can be quite stressful. No amount of social media can change the fact that your spouse is miles away. And I bet this is why Eric Omondi is excited at the thought of seeing his fiancé who has been away for months.

The two love birds earlier today shared photos expressing their excitement now that they are remaining with just a few days before Chantal jets in the country. From the look of things, they both cannot wait to be together and their fans seem to be following the thread as they watch the two long for each other. Eric posted;

Eric Omondi


His fiancé on the other hand shared the post below

Chantal’s trip to Italy

Chantal’s family happens to live in Italy and this could be the reason she travelled. However, 4 months seem to be long time especially now that she is engaged to be married. So was she working or schooling? We can’t tell!


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