Pacho Entertainment Studio Vandalized, Equipment Stolen

After a church service on Sunday, Naiboi was met with shock after his studio, Pacho Entertainment was broken into and equipment worth Sh 800,000 stolen.

Speaking to Word Is, he narrated the incident, ‘’We were in church and on coming back, we found the locks broken and items of approximately eight hundred thousand shillings stolen.


Since we do not have our own private investigators, we have reported to the police and investigations are underway,’’ adding that they are not suspecting any person.

“There is CCTV footage that is online right now but we still don’t know the people,’’ he said.

Not the first time this has happened, the Madaraka based studio has been hit three times previously and investigations to bring the culprits to book have never been finalized.

Naiboi formerly known as Rapdamu confirmed that the studio is open but not operating at the moment pending investigations.

“The studio is open but we’re not working. This is the fourth time they have stolen so it’s no big deal we will come back,’’ he said adding that it has been hit by different people in all four occurrences.

The artist cum-producer has circulated the footage to help police arrest suspects who may have been involved with the Sunday break in.


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