Please, Free My Son Kaititu From Jail – Githurai Super Cop’s Mum Pleads

The parents of Titus Ngamau Musila alias Katitu, the famous Githurai ‘super cop’, want their son released from prison.

In February, Katitu was sentenced to 15 years after he was found guilty of murdering Kenneth Kimani Mwangi on April 14, 2013, at the Githurai 45 bus stage.

Katitu’s parents, Peter Musila and Justinah Mutono Musila, claim that life has become miserable and unbearable without their son, who was their sole breadwinner.

When The Nairobian visited the family, sadness was written all over their faces.

Justinah Mutono Musila and her grandson Stephen Ngamau [Photo: John Muia]

His teary-eyed mother claims that his son’s sentence was politically influenced.

“My son was on duty, just like any other policeman. How many cops have shot dead suspects and are walking scot-free?” she posed.

Katitu, the first child in a family of six children, according to his mother, was their only hope. She says that with him in prison, their lives have become miserable.

“Katitu was providing for us and his children. We do not have any other source of income. The kids need food, school fees and clothing. I am jobless. My son was a family man and how I wish the government can free him,” she added.

Katitu, the father of four, had separated with the wife, Pauline Mwende, who passed on in July.

His first born son, Stephen Mwaniki Ngamau, who completed Form Four, told The Nairobian that life has become hard without their father at home.

“I have been forced to look for casual jobs, which are not well-paying or forthcoming. I wanted to enrol at a driving school, but we can’t raise the money. How I wish my father would be released,” he said, adding that they now solely depend on their grandparents.

Katitu [Photo: John Muia]

In 2014, Katitu’s arrest sparked protests, demonstrations and running battles between residents and law enforcers in Githurai 45, Zimmerman and Githurai Kimbo.

Locals demanded his release, saying he had helped to reduce crime in Githurai 45.

But High Court Judge James Wakiaga, who presided over the case, noted that the suspect did not deserve to die the way he did.

Wakiaga said despite Katitu being a hero to the people of Githurai, he acted against the law by taking the life of an individual.

He said the officer, even though was fighting crime, was expected to protect the life of Kenneth by handcuffing him and taking him into custody instead of shooting him.

“Katitu should have identified himself and given a clear warning. Instead, he shot the suspect dead at close range,” he ruled, adding that, “Fifteen years will be adequate – 12 years should act as a warning to the police on misuse of firearm and three years to be served on probation,” the judge ruled.

Katitu was a Kamba musician who thrilled his fans with his guitar skills at Kithangathini market, his home shopping centre.


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