Police killed 13 In Mathare – Community Report

More than 13 people were killed by police in Mathare in two months last year, a community report claims.

The data was captured in a report titled ‘Police Violence in Mathare’, compiled by Mathare Social Justice Centre.

 It covers incidences which followed the August 8 and October 26 general elections.

MSJC terms the police executions as cases of  extrajudicial killings and says more than 30 people were injured and property worth millions destroyed.

But Mathare OCPD Alice Kimeli said she was not aware of the incidents the report cited.

Among those documented include nine-year-old girl Stephanie Moraa and three street children reported to have been killed between August 9-13.

The deaths of David Owino, 28, Bonface Ochieng, 31, Silas Lebo, 17, Victor Okoth, 22, Bonface Okoth, 25, also feature in the report.

The community group adds that 27 other people were injured three days after the August polls.

“The number of deaths may even be higher. MSJC met great challenges in documentation since some victims were too afraid and some families moved out for safety reasons.”

The report also captures the killings of Paul Omina, Julius Juma, and Reuben Ooko who were shot during protests against the October 26 vote.

Another person, Dennis Odour, was beaten by police for refusing to vote.

“This report gives an indication of the scale and scope of police violence but is not comprehensive, given risks involved in the data collection process.”

Mathare was one of the five areas marked by police as violence hot-spots prior to the two elections.

The national tally of police killings collated by atahe Star and human rights agencies after the presidential elections puts the deaths at at least 112.

Thirty seven people were killed in three days of unrest after the declaration of August 8 presidential results and another 50 in the run up to the October 26 repeat poll.

Fifteen others were killed after the October polls whereas 10 were killed in November as they received NASA leader Raila Odinga from JKIA.

But despite calls from rights organisations for police to be held to account, no case is before law courts for adjudication.

Other than deaths, hundreds bullet wounds and injuries sustained from police beatings as they responded to protests in opposition strongholds.


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