President Uhuru Fires Back At Looting Accusations

President Uhuru Kenyatta hit back at his depreciators while tending to the dignitaries assembled for the sixth Annual Devolution Conference 2019, held in Kirinyaga County.

After wrapping up his official discourse, the president went off-content and exhorted his future spoilers on the best possible strategies to pursue when lodging grievances.

Wewe tembea hapa Karura Forest, ofisi ziko hapo, kwenda useme kile Uhuru ameiba. (Make your way to Karura Forest area, the offices (Directorate of Criminal Investigation headquarters) are located there, and report on what Uhuru has stolen),” he remarked.

His statement follows a video of Bahati Constituency MP, Kimani Ngunjiri, which generated a lot of debate across various social media platforms in the past few days.

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri at a past event – he has been vocal in his criticism of the Jubilee Govt.

In the video, the legislator goes on a tirade in which he touches on various issues such as Chinese contractors getting jobs meant for the low-income earners, Uhuru’s government selling the parking lot meant for Kenya Airways at Heathrow airport in London for Ksh7.5 billion, among others.

The Head of State also urged members to cease the current habit of hurling accusations during inappropriate occasions such as funerals.

It was the latter statement that has sparked controversy as it comes just a few days after his deputy William Ruto and his Building Bridges Initiative partner, Raila Odinga, were embroiled in a vicious war of words regarding corruption allegations.

President Kenyatta went on to express that the devolution conference should not be just another talk shop where castles are built in the sky, but rather one that would involve effective public participation.

Here’s is the video of President Uhuru at the conference.


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