President Uhuru: I Will Compete In The Next Beyond Zero Half Marathon

President Uhuru Kenyatta has taken up the challenge from his deputy William Ruto and vowed to compete in the next edition of the Beyond Zero Half Marathon.

The Head of State made the commitment on Sunday at the conclusion of the fifth edition of the marathon at the refurbished Nyayo National Stadium.

“I will compete next year. I would have preferred to do the 2km, but maybe five or even 10. Let us see if my brother William will defeat me,” President Kenyatta said amid laughter from the crowd.

Earlier, the Deputy President had jokingly challenged the Head of State to compete in the race.

“I represented the Presidency in the 21km and we did well. First Lady in the 10km. We didn’t have a representative in the 5km and 2km and I want to thank you (the president) for agreeing that next year you will consider representing the presidency in the remaining two races. The one you say you will compete in is for expectant mothers,” Ruto said.

The President also assured Kenyans that his government will prioritize sports in its agenda this year.

“We will fund all the national teams this year courtesy of the (sports) fund which we recently put into place. We will also fund the preparations for our athletes,” he said.

Meanwhile, David Bett and Brilliam Kipkoech emerged the winners of the men’s and women’s 21km race during the marathon to walk home with Sh250,000 in prize money.

The 10km race, which the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta competed in, was won by Vincent Ngetich and Monica Ngige, who were both rewarded with Sh75,000.


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