President Uhuru To Pay Bride Price In Maasai Land (Details Inside)

President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to head to Narok county to pay the bride price his late father did not pay for their Maasai matriarch, Mosana.

According to information, preparations for a huge feast are already underway at the ol Gilisho family home in Narok West Sub county.

It was reported that President Uhuru would be the one to pay the bride price because of his Muigai name. Mosana is the late Jomo Kenyatta’s grandmother and the bride price is believed to be dated back two centuries.

The Kenyatta family said that their roots were traced to Maasai land in 2013 after Uhuru ascended to the presidency and it was then that they discovered Agikuyu warriors raided Maasai land and made away with cattle and Mosana.

Mosana would later give birth to Kungu Magana, the late Kenyatta’s father.

“Uhuru was named after his great grandfather, Muigai, and because he bears the same name, it is his responsibility to pay the bride price. He is determined to right the wrong committed to the Maasai community and settle an old debt. Mosana is the mother of our family and we respect her, that’s why we took time to trace her origin,” said Captain (Rtd) Kungu as quoted in the Standard.

President Uhuru set to pay bride price in Maasai land, details

The late Jomo Kenyatta did not pay his grandmother’s bride price after his father failed to do so as well. Photo: Nation.

The bride price ceremony will be done according to Maasai traditions. Already, a bull has been selected and the home is already being renovated.

“We have a special bull for the visitors according to our culture. The cow is black and white in colour and it is already cleansed by the elders, the meat will be prepared on olive tree leaves. The visitors will eat only some special parts of the cow,” said the Gilisho spokesman as quoted in the Kenya News Agency.

The public will be allowed to attend the ceremony but only the families will participate in the negotiations privately.

A date for the event has not been penned down but it will be soon.

President Uhuru set to pay bride price in Maasai land, details

Despite being from the Agikuyu tribe, the Kenyatta family was traced back to Maasai land. Photo:

History has it that Mosana is the one who advised Jomo Kenyatta to go into hiding after his elder brother was forced to join the army.

Five years later, Jomo returned to Gatundu speaking fluent Maasai and with a belt called Inyatta- a name from which his Kenyatta name is believed to have originated.


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