President Uhuru Takes On Sonko Over Miguna’s Nomination

President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday took on Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko head-on after the city boss asked him not to be ‘threatened’ by his decision to nominate Miguna Miguna as his deputy.

During his speech, Sonko told Uhuru not to worry or be threatened by lawyer Miguna’s nomination.


But even before he could finish his statement, President Kenyatta asked why Sonko thinks he is threatened.

“Who told you I am threatened?” posed Uhuru from the background.

When he stood up to address the crowd at Jacaranda ground during the launch of Nairobi titling programme, the president did not mince his words.

“I’m not a person you can threaten around the way you want. I respect everyone but I am not scared or threatened by anyone,” said the president.

Sonko fronted Miguna’s name to the County Assembly as his choice for the position of the deputy governor.

From his speech during the ceremony, however, the move appeared not to have been a kick thrown in the face of the Executive.

“Don’t be scared,” Sonko told Uhuru adding that “we have the say in the County Assembly. But your people have troubled me for a long time. They have been fighting me right, left and centre”.

The statement gave credence to speculation that Sonko had made the decision to nominate Miguna to anger the Government that deported him from Kenya under controversial circumstances.

The president, however, indicated he is unmoved by whatever decision Sonko takes, choosing instead to focus on development.

“I am telling you as the President, I still have four years ahead if God grants me. I am here to work. I don’t do that nonsense, that childish behavior of running around every day… I am not there,” asserted Uhuru.

To ensure his point was home, he pointed out that he was addressing everyone, but singled out governor Sonko with a final affirmation question, ‘do we understand each other?’

Six months

President Kenyatta finally took the city boss to task, saying he will visit all the projects Sonko had mentioned to be working on after six months to check on the progress.

He further laid responsibility of ensuring the projects were being implement on citizens’ shoulders, asking them to report if any stagnated.

“I am giving you this responsibility my people. As you walk around, be sure to check the progress of the said projects and if any has stalled, report,” said Uhuru.


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