President Uhuru Terminates Senior Judge Appointment In His State Of The Nation Address

During the anticipated State of The Nation speech on Thursday, the head of the state Uhuru Kenyatta revealed he has fired Justice Joseph Mutava stating he had revoked the judge’s appointment.

This was after the Supreme Court affirmed a decision by a tribunal that recommended his removal over gross misconduct.

The Supreme Court affirmed a decision by a tribunal that recommended the removal of Justice Joseph Mutava from office over gross misconduct.

In a decision read by Justice Isaac Lenaola, the bench dismissed Mutava’s appeal in which he sought to have the tribunal’s recommendation to the President quashed.

“Today morning I have revoked the appointment of the Judge Mutava. This is the outcome undertaken within the framework of law,” Uhuru said.

He mentioned that those institutions to fight corruption need to be strengthened and not weakened.

“Even with the success we have made, we cannot celebrate. Kenyans have spoken loudly and challenged us to eradicate corruption,” he said.


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