Prezzo And Jaguar Reconciles – Prezzo Claims He has No Beef With Anyone

Prezzo was once the premier Kenyan bad boy. Whenever his name came up, especially in the last couple of years one would wonder what stunt he had now pulled and not on his music.

This was sad depending on whom you asked because Prezzo is a veteran in this industry with a slow and melodic rap that he lays lazily.

Another veteran in the industry is the current Mp for Starehe constituency, Jaguar. The politician who first made his name in the entertainment industry once had a long beef with El Presidente.

The beef stood the test of time as Prezzo and Jaguar didn’t see eye to eye for years. They have thrown words at each other while being interviewed separately at different radio stations.

But change is constant and people mellow and mature, which seems to have happened in the case of these two former pugilists.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s 10 Over 10, the controversial rapper said that he had no problems with Jaguar. He said:

“I don’t have issues with anyone, nowadays i’m a changed man. I am good with everyone, even Jaguar.”
Prezzo had In the past refused to acknowledge Jaguar, saying that the only Jaguar he knew was the British luxury vehicle brand and the big cat.


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