Protests in Homa Bay After Awiti Declared Winner in ODM Poll

There were protests at Homa Bay county on Tuesday after incumbent Cyprian Awiti was announed the winner of the Orange Democratic Movement governor nominations.

County returning officer Erastus Otieno said Awiti won with 46,346 votes against Kasipul MP Oyugi Magwanga’s 14,661.

Residents were up in arms as they shouted that they will support Jubilee party leader Uhuru Kenyatta in August.

On Monday evening, Magwanga was commanding an early lead against the incumbent, hence the protests.

“This is clearly rigging. We will not agree. We will vote President Uhuru Kenyatta in August. Awiti has not done anything,” one of the protesters said.

The group said they expected Magwanga to win on grounds that the governor has failed on matters development.

The residents engaged the police in running battles after the results were declared.

Otieno accused constituency party officials of holding them at ransom after they delayed to submit some of the results.

“We cannot wait any longer for constituency officials who don’t want to hand in what they have.”

“We, therefore, have to release the results we have,” Otieno said.

Otieno, who was accompanied by the county election board chairman Tom Cheriga, refused to explain how they came up with the results.

“Anxiety is high in the county about who got what after the nominations.”

“We’ve waited the whole night for some constituency results to trickle in but all in vain,” he said.

The officials announced the results amid heavy presence of the police at Homa Bay high school tallying centre.

County officials led by county secretary Isaiah Ogwe immediately asked Otieno and Cheriga to leave.

Results for other seats are yet to be announced.

Magwanga’s agent Lameck Okeyo disputed the results and said the results were not genuine.

“You cannot call the press at dawn to stage-manage the release of results. We know the winner in governor race,” Okeyo said.

He said his boss was leading Awiti and other competitors in five constituencies.

Okeyo questioned the presence of county government officials at the tallying hall, saying they had doctored the results.

“The people of Homa Bay cannot sit back and watch party officials with vested interests interfere with peaceful polls,” he said.

On Monday, a security guard attached to Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo was killed following violence during the nominations.

Kennedy Okore died after he was run over by a vehicle during the fracas at Urianda Primary School, Lambwe ward.

The 37-year-old succumbed to injuries at Ongogo subcounty hospital in Mbita.

Chaos erupted after the MP’s supporters clashed with those of her opponent James Akali.


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