Protests In US Over Plan To Deport Kenyan-Born Teacher

According to reports, Anthony Wanjiru received a letter in early February noting that his application to extend his H-1B visa had been denied.

The man has been in the US for eight years (since 2014) working in the IT department at Valor Christian High School in Highlands Ranch.

Wanjiru travelled to US as one of three people selected out of 1,200 applicants for a scholarship program in Colorado.

He received a master’s degree and has been working as a volunteer with the Denver Rescue Mission.

“This has been my home. My work is here. My friends are here. You’re packing your bags and just leaving,” Wanjiru protested.

Following the plans to deport Wanjiru on March 7, students from Valor kicked off a campaign under the tag #AnthonysVisa.

“He’s the most humble, caring person you’d ever meet,” one student was quoted.

“He’s an amazing guy, and he’s really brought an amazing influence to Valor,” another added.

On his part, Wanjiru indicated that should the deportation, it is the students that he will dearly miss, “If there’s one thing that keeps me crying at night, it’s the thought of not seeing them. I love America very much”.


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