Public Service Vehicles and Operators Have Until Monday to Abide With Michuki Rules

Public Service Vehicles and operators have until Monday next week to comply with the famous Michuki rules, to avoid the wrath of authorities.

A sustained operation will thereafter kick off according to an instruction issued by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi, targeting those who will flout the strict regulations.

Other than the operators, Kenyans who board an overloaded vehicle will not be spared.

“This is not a one or two-month affair. That is why we have set up a multi-agency team jointly with the Ministry of Transport. The president has required us to file quarterly reports on how we are working on the changes in the public transport sector,” the CS said on Friday, during a meeting with administrators.

“We cannot live this way; lawlessness has spiralled out of control and we have accepted as if that’s the way we are supposed to live.”

During the crackdown, all drivers must have valid badges from their respective saccos, proper uniforms must be worn when one is on duty, the vehicle must have valid insurance certificates and must be registered with a SACCO.

The Cabinet Secretary belaboured on the need for change and asked for support from other security organs in apprehending everyone who plays a part in the lawlessness.

He said: “We have to go after everybody. The chain is long: we have the vehicle owners, insurers, drivers, touts, police, the people at the motor vehicle inspection unit, the vehicle bodybuilders and passengers. We shall not show mercy to anyone.”

His sentiments were echoed by his counterpart in the Transport Ministry James Macharia, who cautioned that time for reckless driving was over.

“If you break the law, you shall be jailed and prosecuted. These days, because of technological advancements, one should be careful what they do,”


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