Raila Not Genuine In Unity Call – Williams Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto has renewed his onslaught on the Opposition, saying they should accept the verdict of last year’s elections and fully join hands to foster development.

Ruto said it was not in dispute that Jubilee Party emerged victorious after Kenyans made their choice. “No leader should intimidate us, spreading propaganda, falsehoods and deceit that we did not win,” he said.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee has come out clearly that we will work both with those who voted for us and those who did not, and it is time that, as leaders, we join hands and unite the country,” said Ruto.

Uhuru on referendum

Ruto spoke yesterday at St Francis Cheptarit Catholic Church in Nandi County. Political leaders present commended Uhuru for his latest stand against calls for referendum.

“The formation of the Jubilee Party was borne of a clear agenda to unify and develop Kenya. We had plans of uniting all and Kenyans saw our performance and elected us into office, and the issue of who won elections or not should come to an end to allow us to concentrate on development,” said the DP.

An elated but emotional Ruto attacked Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who he accused of ‘maliciously’ initiating the handshake he had with the President with an ‘aim to push his own agenda’.

While welcoming calls for unity from all leaders, a tough talking Ruto called on Raila to accept that he lost the 2017 elections and allow Jubilee to carry out its mandate ‘without further interference.’

“The whole referendum debate was initiated by a malicious handshake where leaders with questionable intentions made an attempt to manipulate the Constitution to their selfish ends with the referendum call,” said the DP.

He accused Raila of attempting to ‘intimidate’ the Jubilee leadership to push for his own agenda and of traversing the continents accusing Jubilee of stealing the 2017 ballot win.

“It is time that Raila accepts that he lost the elections; he has been traversing the world with claims that Jubilee lost the elections,” said Ruto.

Won election

The DP said Jubilee won the election fair and square, and added that the ruling party does not need validation from anyone to be in office.

“Jubilee won the election fairly and does not need legal or validation from any individual or institution to carry out its mandate,” he said.

The DP cautioned Kenyans to be on the lookout for politicians who were out to ‘manipulate’ the statutes of democracy with selfish interests to gain power and control over the country. “Leadership cannot be gained on the basis of falsehoods or propaganda. Kenyans must watch out for leaders who are out to manipulate existing democratic channels to further their own selfish interests to ascend to power,” said Ruto.

MPs Kimani Ichungwa (Kikuyu) and John Welukhe (Sirisia) said Mt Kenya and western Kenya would stand firmly behind Ruto in 2022.


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